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Is it whimsical to invite water, and all that that surrounds it, to join me in a visit with a friend? To spend time and share stories with this liquid element that fills our world and our bodies? To become familiar with its nuances, be prompted to remember things long gone, to be curious about its possibilities?


If so, then I embrace this capricious adventure, and am thankful for its participation in the making of this exhibition. The works that have emerged out of this experience are shared moments, gathered during such visits with Living Water. They are an essence of our time spent together, while the world around us was put on pause, allowing us to immerse ourselves in our stories.


At the beginning of 2023, life post covid and post flood was beginning to return to a new normal. Feeling a deep sense of disconnection as a result of these interruptions in life, I felt a need to reach out and rediscover the nature of relationships - with each other and with our world.


The idea of going to visit a water source which holds special significance for each of my invited participants was born out of the more formal research I was undertaking for my Doctor of Visual Art. However, these visits were to be informal, intimate, a safe haven where, through the medium of time, conversation and creativity we might all be companions together on a thoughtful journey.

Click on an image below to share in the visits

water visits

Artist Book - Please handle with care 2023


visit 2 - Lyndall and the kitchen sink

Adam 4.jpg

visit 1 - Laura and the ephemeral river


visit 3 - Annabel and Chinbible creek -


visit 4- Adam and Karen and the water hole

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