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LIVING WATER: the river hid   Logbook    2014

8 double pages 17  x 43 cm, digital prints on Belgian Linen, bound in leather.

Codex or Scroll.

log book the river hid - codex

As inspiration for her latest exhibition, LIVING WATER: the river hid, the artist Annique Goldenberg spent many hours kayaking along the Wilson River and Leycester Creek. As she travelled she took photographs, made sound recordings, sketched, collected water and took notes. Then, back in the studio, she used her reflections on this evidence to create drawings with ink, ice and glass. These drawings were then scanned and enlarged to reveal the hidden world within. For the artist books she digitally manipulated and reflected the photographs from the trips and overlaid them and the sound waves from the recordings onto the scanned drawings. These pages make up the 'logbook' of this journey, a gathering of information and memory both past and present. 


The resulting body of works represents a partnership between the artist, the environment and the materials she uses. Loose and evocative, they reinterpret the mood and memory of the river, and allow space for us to meander outside this, to wonder at the miracle of nature and our instinct to understand it.


extract from LRG newsletter

Limited edition of three volumes.
Held in the following collections:

State Library of NSW.
Bibliotheca Librorum apud Artificem, Sydney, NSW.

Manly Artist Book Awards  2015

exhibited - Queensland College of Art

abbe: artist book brisbane event  2015

Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research

Exhibited -  Redland Art Gallery - 2015

100 Books:  A Personal Histories

International Artists' Book  Exhibition

Exhibited -  UNSW Canberra Campus - 2015  Personal Histories International Artists Book  Exhibition

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