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My art practice is an ongoing research into the nature of human interaction with, and impact on, our surroundings. An affinity to water in its many forms has become a metaphor for my art and life practices as well as for the ephemeral nature of existence.


The aleatoric mark is at the core of my art practice; this is the strategy of allowing chance to enter into the creative process from a starting place of control. I then work in partnership with my materials and their environment, responding to their transformative processes as they contribute to the final works.


Through a diverse art practice encompassing; print, drawing, installation, sculpture, artist books, papermaking, digital prints, sound, and works on paper, I approach the grand theme of global warming through a more personal examination of my relationship with the materials of my landscape, both internal and terrestrial.




The quintessential paradox; life-giving and life-taking.

Physical and elemental through mutable form.

A presence both sensual and terrifying.

Its strength and fragility transport us through calm and storm.

With rhythms ebbing and flowing, within and around us,

in a universal alliance of countless cultural narratives.



So multifaceted and yet we all drink from the same cup.

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