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Called to Account 2019

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Extreme weather events such as floods are on the increase and yet we are not hearing the urgency of the need for change. The young are calling my generation to account: to listen, to hear, to see and to act.

This video and soundtrack are central to the installation piece 'Called to account". Consisting of a projection of an Auslan translation of Greta Thunberg's speech to the 2018 UN COP24 Climate Change Conference onto a small tank of water and mud from the 2017 Lismore flood, the viewer is drawn in by the gestures and facial expressions of the signer reflected into and on the water. By putting on the headphones, the visual message being conveyed so dynamically is audibly revealed to the viewer upon hearing student climate activist Greta Thunberg's distinctive voice.

The intimate nature of this installation gives each viewer the time to personally and individually experience the message being conveyed

Projection video © Annique Goldenberg 2019
Auslan translation and signing: Janelle Whalan
Audio: Greta Thunberg. “UNFCCC secretariat” ©UNFCCC 2018. UNFCCC
audiovisual material reproduced with the permission of the UNFCCC secretariat, such permission not amounting to an endorsement by the UNFCCC secretariat of the views expressed in this production.”
Video documentation Abraham Garcia Jr.

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