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Using chance intersections with water as my guide through a changing state of emergence(y)


The different elements in this installation were formed through the transformative properties of water. The large sheet of paper was repeatedly soaked in the ocean with multiple layers of ink added over time. The final graphite drawings of cloud seed patterns were then applied and the paper formed and suspended as a cloud gently spinning above the plinth.


The pieces formally placed on the plinth emerged out of the act of melting ice and gypsum, representing fragile coral polyps surrounding a crumbling ocean chart. The time-weathered encyclopedia is open on the page for Chance, Chancellorship and Change, three words of significance and meaning in reference to our human connection to our world.


Exhibition Rationale:

In c.a.s.e of emergency... will be a collaborative installation encompassing the work of ten practising artists. We will be working on the premise that a creative endeavour can be interpreted as a critical act of the utmost importance and urgency. Through the process of working both collaboratively and individually, the installation will become a visual poem, a gestalt illustrating how diversity actively and creatively manifests within a structured and limited environment.


Each member will be assigned an identical box of materials referencing the idea of emergency. By mimicking familiar kits like the first aid box or the travel sewing kit, the contents will include such items as a  needle and thread, tape, gauze, a list of instructions etc. alongside more familiar art materials such as paper, pencils, paint, clay and plaster. Utilising the allotted materials, the ten artists will each act on their personal response to the theme using their particular skill set to transform the chosen items. The artists involved in this collaboration are the current active committee members for c.a.s.e. inc.

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