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                Solo & Duo Exhibitions


2022     LIVING WATER: in search of equilibrium

              Scenic Rim Regional Gallery, Beaudesert.

2021     Wilderness Art Collective, UK

              Invited Instagram residency

2020    Flock  2020                                                                     The Powerhouse, Brisbane, QLD. 

                Artist Showcase with Claire Tracey

2020   LIVING WATER: Birrarung/Yarra speaks                   St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, VIC 

2019      LIVING WATER: in flux   - solo                                 The Project Gallery, QCA, Brisbane

2018      Flock -   Public Art with Claire Tracey 

                3 sites in Moreton Bay, Brisbane 

2018      Vanishing Point / Translations

                Webb Gallery, QCA    with Paula Payne

2017      Remoulding the Landscape   - solo

                Whitebox QCA, Gold Coast

2014      LIVING WATER: the river hid  - solo

                Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore


Group Exhibitions


2022     Libris Award 2022     

               80° North, & Contraction,  

               Artspace Mackay, Regional Gallery, QLD

2022     Sightlines  c.a.s.e. group exhibition, 

               Smallworks Gallery, Murwillumbah, NSW

2021      Unpacked   invited artist, 

                QCA Print Studio Graduates Folio Box,

                Impress Gallery, Qld

2021      A retrospective QCA postgraduates, 

  QCA POP Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.

2021      PIVOT II

   Virtuality of Being & Ny London,

  Onespace Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.

2021      making paper/making art 

   80° North, & Contraction, 

  Gympie Regional Gallery, Gympie, QLD

2021      Women artists in the Arctic

   Espace des Femmes, Paris, France

2021      Making Marks: Australia and Afghanistan

  Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, Vic.

2021      Speaking with the River 

 The spirit of exuberant chaos &  fluctuation,    

               SCU LabX, NRCG Ballina, NSW

2021      A marked change in form

   virtuality of matter i - iv.  c.a.s.e exhibition,

               M Arts Precinct, M'Bah, NSW

2020      80° North,  touching ice    abbe 2020

  State Library of QLD

2019      25 years 25 artists   

   Venetian Arctic Integration,  SCU  

                invited artists, QLD & NSW

2019      Beyond the Veil - Unfolding Projects

                Biennale di Venezia

2019      Morphosis - Cuculiformes I, II & III

                Grey St Gallery QCA & Flight Centre

2018      QCA Sustainability Day

                Flood Biosphere & Breathe 

2018      chance, chancellorship, change

                In c.a.s.e. of emergency BS'A 

2018      Unfolding Projects - WIP

                Impact10, Santander, Spain 

2018      Narratives of Climate Change

                Symposium, NeWSpace

                Remoulding the Landscape  

2017      Banyule Works on Paper - Ablation 2

               Hatched Contemporary   

2017      Papercuts  - Familial Ties, BS'A 

2017      Paper Contemporary, Carriageworks Syd

               Logbook LIVING WATER the river hid

2017      Bound and Unbound IV

                University of S. Dakota, USA 

                Enforced Austerity & Tide Lines

2017      abbe 2017 -  QCA Griffith Unversity

                In search of equilibrium

2017      Posts from the flood, Murwillumbah 

2017      Manly Artist Book Award 2017

                Epistemophilic Threads 

2016      Apostil - invited artist - NY NY 

                Logbook LIVING WATER the river hid,

2016      Poesis, Mullumbimby

2015      Personal Histories Int. Artist Book  

                Logbook LIVING WATER the river hid

2015      abbe  2015 - QCA Griffith Unversity

                Logbook LIVING WATER the river hid, 

2015      Art on Show 2015 - The 59th minute  

2015      100 Books - Redland Gallery

                Scroll LIVING WATER the river hid 

2015      Manly Artist Book Award 2015 

                Logbook LIVING WATER the river hid 

2013      A Book About Death

                Tweed Regional Gallery 

2013      Libris Award 2013

                break(ing) water, brake(ing) water 

2013      Perpetual Possibilities Channon Gallery

                LIVING WATER the ice shivered 

2012      SCU Graduation Show 

                LIVING WATER the ice shivered 

2012      Survivor with Dadang Christanto

                Lismore Regional Gallery performance

2012      Artfelt Art Prize  

2013      Byron Arts Classic  

2012      Byron Arts Classic 

2011      Shelf Life - SCU

2011      Art in Chemistry, Chemistry in Art

               Thirst SCU next art gallery

2011      HEREsay - SCU next art gallery   

2011      SCU Artist Book Award 

               SCU next art gallery  

2010     Ocean Shores Art Expo

2009    Ocean Shores Art Expo  

2009    FEHVA, Bangalow  

2009    Tandem10 - SCU next art gallery  




2019      25 years 25 artists

  Selected alumnus, Southern Cross University

  Showcase, QLD & NSW

2017      Banyule Works on Paper - Finalist  

2017      The Arctic Circle Residency

                Svalbard, Norway  

2016      John and Sheilagh Kaske Memorial


2013      Illuminate Public Artwork  - Shortlisted 

2013      I dive into the depth of the ocean of

                forms  - 1st place works on paper        

2012      Adam’s Ale - 1st place works on paper

2012      Hatched 2013 - SCU nomination

2011       Art in Chemistry, Chemistry in Art

                HC SCU next gallery                       

2009     Seeds of change - 1st place sculpture

2009     Tandem 10

                Top 5 Tafe and top 5 SCU graduates

2008     Student Excellence Award Nominee

                N.Coast Tafe

2008     Student Encouragement Award

                N.Coast Tafe                         

2007     Student Excellence Award

                N.Coast Tafe                                  

1981       Herbert Batsford Prize for Architecture

                Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL             


Collections/Public Art/Commissions


2020     Flock  2020   Powerhouse Brisbane

   Brisbane, QLD - With Claire Tracey

2018      Flock  - Public artwork

                Brisbane City Council, w Claire Tracey

2018      LIVING WATER: the river hid/Logbook 

                2/3 Biblioteca Librorum apud Artificem

2015      The ninth page - mural 

2015      LIVING WATER: the river hid/Logbook

                1/3 Manly Artist Book Awards collection

2011       Book of dreams-triptych 

                Acquired State Library of Qld 

2011       Rt=At + Ct + D1t + D2t +Et   

                Acquired State Library of Qld

2009     Carcharias Taurus 

                Collection Ian Cohen MLP 

2009     Lepidochelys olivacea 

                Collection Jan Bareham MLP 

2001      Mural, Whangarei Base Hospital, NZ

2000     Mural, Whangarei Base Hospital, NZ  


Arts Education


2017 -   Doctor of Visual Art,  QCA (ongoing)

2016      Bachelor of Visual Art Honours, SCU

2013      Bachelor of Visual Art, SCU

2008     Diploma of Fine Art, N. Coast Tafe        

2007     Certificate IV  N. Coast Tafe 

               Vis. Art & Contemporary Craft 

1985      Dip. Arch.

               Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL   

1983      B.Sc Arch.

               Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL  


Creative Industries


2021                     CARI- member                                     

    Creative Arts Research Institute,

   Griffith University, Qld

2021                     Northern Rivers creative,                                                    Arts Northern Rivers directory, NSW

2020 - 2021      CAST- member

    Contemporary Art and Social

    Transformation research group,

    RMIT, Melbourne, VIC

2019 - 2021       IAPMA  - member

    International Association of Hand 

   Papermakers and Paper Artists

2017 - 2021      NAVA - member 

2014 - 2021       Art in the Pub Organiser 

2013 - 2021       (c.a.s.e.) contemporary art space

   & education committee member

2018                    QAGOMA   APT9              

   installation internship

2012 - 2016       Restaurant Owner & Designer

201 1 - 2018       Coordinator & Tutor 

                              Byron Community College  

2011 - 2017         Joint Curator 

                              Byron Community College

201 1                     Joint Curator Shelf Life, SCU 

2008                   Joint Curator Drilled

                              N. Coast Tafe

2008                   Joint Curator Pre-Drilled

                              N. Coast Tafe  

1998 - 200 1      Te Kowhai Print Trust, NZ

                              Office Holder

1995 - 2000     Architectural Designer 

                              for Martyn Evans Architect NZ

1995 - 2000     Architectural Designer 

                              for Ron Esveld Architect NZ


Publications and Artist Talks


2021       The Blue Notebook Journal vol.16 #1                                  80° North, the artist book as environment         

2021       CARI unconference Inquiry as Intervention                    Presenter, Creative inquiry through the

                 connectivity of water, together when apart

2021       Artlands 2021 Invited presenter

                 covid & tech issues prevented presentation

2021       Witness Wilderness

   Interview with D.J.Lee.

2021       Speaking with the River   

   River touching workshop,

   N. Creek, Ballina, NSW

2021       POWER - IAPMA Bulletin

   Journal article

2020      Arlis/ANZ Biennial Conference 

   Presenter 80° North – The Artist book as

   environment. State Library of QLD

2020      IAPMA Studio Exchange   

   with Heather Matthew for IAPMA

   Int Assoc of Hand Papermakers & Paper


2020     Making Marks: Australia and Afghanistan

   Unfolding Projects publication of an int. arts

   exchange project. VIC

2020      In conversation with artist Michelle Vine         

   Online interview, QCA, Griffith University

   Brisbane, QLD

2020     APPROACH - IAPMA Bulletin 

   LIVING WATER: in flux as umwelt

   IAPMA Annual publication

2020     LIVING WATER: Birrarung/Yarra speaks

   Launch, welcome to country & News &

   Notes articles,  St Paul's Cathedral

2020      Deckle Edge Papermakers of Victoria

   newsletter article about St Paul's Cathedral's

   2020 River Paper project

2019      St Paul's Cathedral News & Notes

   LIVING WATER: Birrarung/Yarra speaks

2019      Deckle Edge Papermakers of Victoria 

   newsletter article about St Paul's Cathedral's

   2020 River Paper project

2019      Thursday Nights Live!

   Lismore Regional Gallery Panelist:

  Why do we turn our backs on the river?

2019     Gold Coast City Futures Forum:

              Colloquia Saturday - Climate Crisis Creatives, 

              panel discussion, GC, Qld 

2019     25 years 25 artists  - SCU                                                   Panel discussion with DianaWarne,

               Head of Curatorial Projects, HOTA Qld

2018      Artist of the Month  November 2018

                Director's selection, art dot earth           

2017      Art in the Pub Guest Speaker

2017      Vanguards of the Arts 

                Byron Arts Magazine

2016      I Was Here - Heather Matthew

               catalogue essay Lismore Regional Gallery

2015      Weekend Star - Exhibition Review 

2014      LIVING WATER: the river hid

                Artist Talks, Lismore Regional Gallery

2014      LIVING WATER: the river hi

                Catalogue essay by Travis Paterson

2014      Long Story Short - Featured artist

                arts northern rivers blog  

2014      Northern Rivers Echo

                Exhibition Review

2014      New Work Friday #163

                Featured artist, the art life blog

2014      Northern Star - Exhibition Review             

2012      New Work Friday #133 

                Featured artist,  the art life blog

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