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Cuculiformes I, II & III in Morphosis, Grey St Gallery & Flight Centre 2019
Installation - mixed media

ongoing series 2018 - 2019


I. plaster & bitumen
II. plaster, flood mud, woven kelp & palm inflorescence

III. plaster, industrial thermometer

Cuciliformes includes the taxon cuculidae, better known as the cuckoo, a family of birds associated with love, deception and desire in human mythologies.


In the making of this series of vessels, through the aleatoric act of melting ice in gypsum, varied and unique nestlike formes are created. Filling the resultant voids within these plaster nests, much as a cuckoo plants its egg in another bird's home, with elements which reference the appropriative nature of the Anthropocene, is a reflection on the, oft times, parasitic expression of human affect on the planet. An expression of the unsustainable desire for more, for using the resources of another to sustain our own existence. 

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