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Familial Drift in 'Paper Cuts', a c.a.s.e. group exhibition @ BS'A 2017

Artist book: graphite powder, water, milk, wine, oil, tea, coffee, ink and pencil on paper

15 cm x 28 cm x 3 cm

WIP immersed in English Pond

In acknowledgement of an eternal connection over time and space,

I carry the physical touch of memory with me as we gently merge within the pages.


Made over the period of a month whilst on a visit to England and Venice, using the strip of paper allocated to each artist for the group exhibition Paper Cuts, I gathered marks through the active touch of close family and friends. The strip had been folded into a concertina artist book to accommodate the limits of long-distance travel.


The active process of engaging young and old in groups or individually elicited much joy, surprise, shyness and connection.


During the process, the partially completed book was dipped into both the Venice Lagoon and my brother's Kentish pond, close to the place where I grew up. Once full I went back through the pages, working with ink and graphite as I connected the marks through text, touch and line. With use, the pages were gently stitched in places with red thread to give strength to the book and assist in holding it together.

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