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FLOCK 2020, Brisbane Powerhouse invited artist showcase, QLD

75 Recycled plastic bottles, steel, solar powered lights

The artwork focuses on raising awareness about migratory shorebird species in the form of an installation of a  ‘flock of multiple birds in flight’. Through the use of innovative techniques in recycling and solar power, the artists have created a temporary activation of the Powerhouse parkland site.


Two of the major threats to migratory birds today are the loss of habitat through urbanisation, and pollution such as plastics and rubbish in their environment. The plastic waste used in the artwork was originally collected from the area and upcycled into the ‘hovering flock of birds for Flock’s first ‘flight’, commissioned by Brisbane City Council in 2018. This new iteration continues the abstract interpretation of the bird’s migration along the East Asia-Australasian Flyway.


The use of locally sourced recycled items aims to highlight the risk plastic pollution poses to our migratory shorebird population through the interruption of their feeding patterns and corruption of their habitat, the fragile wetland ecosystem.


This project has provided an opportunity to share the unique attributes of the migratory shorebirds with the local community in a fun and engaging way. A program of community engagement in the form of workshops to make your own bird was created to support the installation.

The artists for the Powerhouse project are Claire Tracey and Annique Goldenberg. Both artists are Queensland College of the Arts, Griffith University postgraduate candidates who make artwork which engages audiences in awareness and thought about humanity’s connection to the planet. They utilise materials such as plastic rubbish, and water, which are important to the ecological ideas they are investigating.

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