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Illumination 2013
digital print tinted window vinyl

Federal Church Window


"The church windows are high and small and the sun is setting. A golden shaft of light from an exquisite alabaster window penetrates the space and illuminates the musicians. I was already entranced by the music but as the light washes over them I become enthralled by the intensity of emotion that resonates through me. The quality, colour and shape of this abstract shaft of light contains transformative properties transcending words."


Annique Goldenberg, Travels in Italy 2005       


I was one of four finalists picked to make a proposal to the Federal School of Arts Association Inc. for a replacement feature window for the newly renovated Federal Church Hall.


The designs are digital prints from drawings made using water and earth from the site frozen with ink and then melted onto glass. These drawings are then scanned, enlarged and built up into a variety of composite digital prints.


For the final window design, four digital print design options were presented. The chosen image would be printed on a vinyl interlay sandwiched between two sheets of toughened glass. 



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