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Following a few key moments in her practice, this exhibition examines the hidden presence and transformative properties of water as it is revealed through the process of art-making. Water in its various forms is both the central material and a co-creator of the pieces.


The works take us for a journey to the High Arctic, where the intimacy of the artist books in the series Touching Ice are in contrast to the expansive vista of the largescale digital print LIVING WATER: arctic integrations. Moving past the microscopic and ever changing world of melting ice revealed in LIVING WATER: the ice shivered, they pause by a cabinet displaying an emerging collection of fragile plaster vessels in the Repository of Lost Ice. Finally, they arrive in the wetland environment of the Tuckean swamp in Speaking with the River.

Annique’s process is immersed in an exploration of our interconnected relationship with water, by examining our human impact on this precious element. She combines photography, digital imagery, drawing, found objects, sculpture, papermaking, and video, where works are created slowly over time, allowing chance and random events to add to the layers of materiality and meaning.

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