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Remoulding the Landscape Iteration 2 - Narratives of Climate Change Symposium, NeW Space, Newcastle University 2018

Ablation 2 work on paper, Flood Biosphere, Breathe video work.

Works installed in the University of Newcastle's NeW Space, an exhibition to accompany the Narratives of Climate Change Symposium.


These pieces reference various scientific disciplines such as glaciology and climate change in an exploration of our coexistent relationship with water in all its forms. It examines how an experience of this relationship can lead to discussions of moral responsibility for climate change.


The works come from a body of work Remoulding the Landscape 2017. Inspired by the interconnectedness of water in a cycle of global warming, the materiality of the work is a response to ice-melt in the high arctic and increased instances of extreme weather events resulting in floods on the other side of the globe.



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