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PIVOT II Artist Books @ Onespace Gallery, Brisbane, Qld 

June - July 2021


Virtuality of matter: [over]being 

Artist Book 2021

Paper, plant dye, copper wire, pen

Cover: acrylic, metal

A single page - folded, formed, and bound – co-authored by hand, water, gravity, and time.  A slow emergence into being, only to be summarily inscribed - binary ants spreading exponentially over its surface, thirsty for every nook and cranny.

A time capsule contained.

A cautionary tale.

Artists books have the potential to push conventional boundaries as knowledge bearers, their very materiality and process of coming into being having the capacity to add to the story they tell.

AG New London 3.jpg

New London – gentleman’s folly 2021

Digital print on Hahnemule paper

70cm x 43.7 cm unframed


A Victorian Englishman’s folly, the promise of pure marble to rival Michelangelo’s Carrara.

Steam engines and hoists shipped across the ocean, ready to receive this frozen bounty, now lie in rusted desolation.

The pure marble hewn into rectangular blocks from the hillside, was loaded onto ships and sailed south to warmer climes. Unbeknownst to these intrepid entrepreneurs, permafrost melt was their nemesis, as it is ours today, rendering this pure stone into a crumbling, worthless bounty.

There is nothing to be done but walk away, leaving their machinery and quarry as a scar on the land, a cautionary tale.

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