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The ninth page - Lismore Central, Lismore, NSW - 2015      digital print on aluminium  2.3 m H x 12 m W

‘The ninth page’ is a digital work by artist Annique Goldenberg which has been enlarged and printed onto 10 aluminium panels. 


This large scale work is a continuation of the artist’s body of work: LIVING WATER: the river hid which was exhibited at Lismore Regional Gallery in 2014.


It has been commissioned by Lismore Central, through Lismore City Council’s Public Art Policy, to bring an artistic interpretation of the mystery and beauty of Lismore into this indoor space. 


                                                             Printer: Craig Smith and his team at A1 Signs

Artist Statement - The Ninth Page 


Quietly floating on this great river, gently paddling as sounds waft over the trees and water. Church bells peal in the distance, birds call and fish jump, wheels beat out a rhythm on the bridge. I am alone on this mighty highway enveloped in its mystery, hidden from my fellow humans who dwell, work and play just beyond the trees.


These were just some of the sensations I experienced during many kayaking trips, gathering material for my exhibition LIVING WATER: the river hid.


As water is the starting point in my art practice,  the Great Rivers that run through the heart of Lismore were my natural inspiration. 


The colours come from drawings made using river water mixed with ink, frozen into ice and melted onto glass. The photographs are of a moment in time and place, reflected and mirrored as the water reflects and mirrors the riverbank. The sound wave is like a life line to me, running and pulsating through the work, intertwining the sounds of humans, wildlife and river. 


This artwork created for Lismore Central could well be the ninth page in my ‘logbook’; the artist book generated out of the inspiration of these river trips. 


I hold this time on the river as a precious memory.


Annique Goldenberg 2015


Installation of The ninth page - Lismore Central, Lismore, NSW - 2015      
digital print on aluminum  2.3 m H x 12 m W

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