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vanishing point in Translations, QCA Webb Gallery 2018
With Painter Paula Payne

vanishing point has been an intimate dance with materials and our environment. The conversation has been a disquieting one as the very process of making compounds the problem being addressed, leading me to question my methods. Reflecting on the increase of polar ice melt - in part due to the over-use of petrochemicals throughout the world - and on how this chain of connection leads to an increased frequency of extreme weather conditions, my research seeks to gain insight into how I can clearly articulate new solutions addressing my decision-making processes. This leads me to the larger discussion on the nature of my relationship to water, the memory held within water, and the complete interconnectedness of water around our planet.


This installation of toxic and organic materials evolved out of a search for understanding of connection and coexistence, how one object's behaviour (where I am an object too) impacts and transforms the physical properties, the very essence of another. By focusing on the natural laws of materials, gravity, environment, and time I generate the potential for alchemical interactions to see what outcomes emerge. An important element in my concept of material-thinking involves an aleatoric strategy, where chance and random events are welcomed into the process. As the artist/object, I step back and remove my influence over the material objects' form and movement in the environment, observing their metamorphosis. The final act is to extend this discussion into the transient environment of the gallery space, where the room itself enters into a tête-à-tête, suggesting the final placement.   


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